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Houston Logo Design & Branding

Your logo speaks for your business when you are not there – for just that reason it is imperative that your custom logo design be memorable, powerful, capture the core of your business, and with a single look leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

Brand Equity refers to the lasting impression your logo leaves on others – it is the momentum that builds on the visibility of your business. It is what helps make a business come into mind on “automatic recall”. In your daily life you will see logos all around you – good ones and bad ones. As you consider your own logo design, think on the qualities that you want your logo to demonstrate about your business – the expert logo designers at Blueleaf Creative can then craft those qualities into a memorable brand that gets your business noticed.

Working with a professional logo design service is paramount to getting the best results.

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Logo Design Benefits


No on-line logo generators, no out-sourcing overseas (because design appeal varies by region), your logo will be created by a seasoned logo designer with almost 2 decades of experience.


Stand out from your competitors and make a lasting first impression on customers with a logo design that speaks to the heart of your business or product.


A quality logo design is the first step in building a relationship with your customers. The memorable and professional design will lay the foundation of trust – so when they need your services, you’ll come to mind first.


Your final logo design will make an impact no matter where you use it — business cards, vehicles, billboards, shirts and hats, social media, your website, and more.

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Custom Logo Design Service

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Logo Design Process Houston

We Guide You Through The Entire Logo Design Process

We have refined the logo design process to ensure that our Houston logo designers are efficient at distilling down your brand message to craft the perfect logo to represent your product or service.

  1. Our Creative Consultation process allows us to learn about your business, your marketing goals, your competitors, your vision, your expectations, and allows us to educate you by answering all of your burning logo design questions.
  2. We’ll will review your logo design concepts with you. Explain the design choices we made and how they are directly related to your branding goals and why they will help set you apart from your competitors.
  3. You talk. We listen. It is just that simple. Want to make changes to your concepts? Had a great idea in the shower you want to tell us about? We’ll revise your logo to your satisfaction.
  4. Don’t know which concept to choose? Love them all? We are here to assist you and guide you to a final decision.
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Logo Designers In Houston Are Common, What We Do Isn’t.

You want a logo designer that is talented and takes the time to ask questions, gets to know your business, your target market, your demographics, and your brand positioning.

Your logo designer needs to be creative and business savvy.

They need to understand the fundamentals of branding, brand equity and how you can leverage that to gain clients, sales and growth for your business.

Our logo design team consists of not only award winning designers, but also logo designers who are trained to listen to you and help you meet your business objectives and goals through effective and creative logo design.

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How Much Should I Pay For My Logo?

The answer is simple, but frustrating.

It depends.

It depends on your budget. Like a good mattress, hire the best logo designer in Houston you can afford. Learn how to hire a logo designer. See if you click. If you get the feeling they might be “flighty or flaky” run away! They don’t return your call in a timely manner, run away. They think you ask too many questions, run away.

When you find that person who listens, wants to understand your business, educates you in the process, who has a portfolio you find interesting and inspiring, AND will ask you “what is your budget” then you have a qualified candidate to do business with.

Talk money right away. You don’t want to fall in love with a logo designer you can’t afford. I have seen logos sold for as little as $9.99 (you get what you pay for).

Be prepared to spend $500 – $5,000+ on your logo. YUP, that is a big range. It breaks down like this, you will probably get the most bang for your buck working with a small studio or full-time (not part-time) freelancer. Bigger studios or advertising agencies will cost more.

NEVER let a web company design your logo. Unless they have a full-time graphic designer on staff, no one there knows what an effective logo should look like for print. Never purchase services based on price alone and remember what you are buying – you are buying the face of your business. You are buying a single graphic that you will use over and over and over again for many, many, many years.

Why not let us quote your logo project?

Call (713) 292-6537 and we’ll happily put together an estimate for you.

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bad logo

Do You Know A Good Logo When You See One?

No one wants a sucky logo but we’ve all seen them. Sometimes a really awesome business or product has a logo that is so shameful we wonder, “How did this happen?”

So, how do you keep from falling into the sucky-logo-trap? Here are 5 Powerful Tips For Logo Greatness

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